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Miami Ad School-New York

Designer: Bruno Calcada

The New York City Football Club is about to play its debut game at Yankee Stadium. How can we create awareness for this momentous occasion?

Because soccer is like a religion, we launched the Soccer Commandments—insights into soccer culture for the uninitiated. The fanaticism found in soccer is unlike anything seen in other sports. We'll get people talking about soccer by showing them firsthand what it means to be a fan.

First, we introduce a soccer-less city to the commandments of a beautiful game.


The NYCFC website lets prospective converts hear more of that sweet soccer gospel.

We let the world's most creative city make soccer their own.

In a city that never sleeps, there's bound to be noise. New Yorkers are challenged to scream and hold "GOAL" for 15 seconds and post it on Instagram. The best GOAL video wins free tickets to the first NYCFC game.

Jealous, Andres Cantor?

For their debut game, the NYCFC will enter the Guinness Book of World records for the longest soccer dribble: 4.4 miles.

The team will lead fans down specially-blocked sidewalks, passing the ball as they go.

The dribble ends at Yankee Stadium, in time for the NYCFC debut game.


STUDENT WORK: Miami Ad School - New York

Art Director: Bruno Calcada